How to Clean & Care for your MonaJane CloudMaker

The key to a good smoke is a good pipe.  And a good pipe is a GREAT pipe when it's clean!

The MonaJane CloudMaker is not only designed to be durable and have an awesome pull... it's also designed with cleanliness in mind. Easy to take apart, the MJ CloudMaker's design makes it easy to clean from the inside out, unlike most traditional glass pipes. 

We've put together an 80-second video showing some quick tips on how to take care of your CloudMaker pipe. Enjoy and smoke on!

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The CloudMaker is NOW AVAILABLE


We're excited to announce that our flagship CloudMaker pipes are now available in Black, Red, and Blue.  

CloudMaker is designed and engineered to combine the benefits of premium glass materials for a cleaner smoke, with rugged durability and protection from an anodized aluminum exoskeleton. Protected when assembled, and easy to take apart and clean when needed, the MonaJane Cloudmaker is an awesome blend of technology and design.  Learn more about it at and order yours today, exclusively on Amazon (Prime Same Day/2-Day)

Smoke on!

- Team MJ


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